These Are The Best Free Online Certifications

Looking to boost your resume or just get a few skills under your belt? Then there is no better way to make this happen by simply getting free online certifications. Usually, to get certified in something a fee would need to be paid and the amount of it would depend on the field of work in which you are seeking certification.

However, there’s still a way to get certification on some things without spending a penny. Free is always good right? In our humble opinion, these are the best free online certifications that you should get to add to your resume.

Business and Law Ethics – Saylor Academy

According to: this course is somewhat comprehensive and can take up to 133 hours to complete and covers many different topics under business ethics from dispute resolutions all the way to business to consumer contracts. The main goal of this certification is to ensure that both the consumers and businesses are protected, and that all legalities are abided by at all times.

This, along with many other free online certifications, is offered by Saylor Academy which is one of the top companies in this area. They offer over 70 different exams covering more than a dozen fields of work and the only requirement is that you pass with at least a 70%, but of course the higher your grade, the better.

Touch Typing

Apparently, touch typing is something that is an upcoming trend and to us it is no surprise at all. Let’s look at how writing evolved for a moment. First, there was writing, then the big, goofy typewriters and now we’re typing on computers and laptops. Next up? Touch typing. It is faster and allows company employees to be much more productive and get their computer work done in less time. Anyone would be doing themselves a great service if they were to get certified in this area because they will put themselves ahead of the pack and it will look outstanding on a resume. For individuals who have been typing on regular computers and laptops for years or decades, touch typing will be a little difficult to learn and this is where repetition will need to play a role.

This article at: states that touch typing can take as little as 3 weeks, or up to several years to learn. Of course, this depends on the effort that one is willing to put into it and looking at the career benefits, the time invested will be well worth it.

Principles of Marketing – Saylor Academy

If we take a look around, we’ll see that marketing is everywhere. If any company sees this on your resume, it will open many doors for you because there isn’t a company on the planet that can’t use a boost in their marketing. It is the individuals who are certified in this area and have a full understanding of the basics of marketing that will greatly contribute to the forward progress of their companies.

Yet, another course offered by Saylor Academy and this course is said to take about 95 hours to complete, but it is well worth the time. Also, this course gets pretty in depth about the basic principles of marketing. It covers the art and science of actually selling a product, how to conduct market research ( this is a BIG one ), and it even teaches how to effectively analyze any competition that you may be up against in a particular niche.


According to this article at: FEMA, which is an Emergency Management Institute, offers free online certifications in special fields that will almost immediately boost your resume skillset. Along with the obvious benefit of not costing a penny, this also doesn’t require much time and is obtainable after a short, online test.

The FEMA online test is a prerequisite to many specialized, medical fields because it assures the future employer that you are someone who knows how to prepare and is responsible. If you are looking into anything in the medical field, you will definitely want to pick this one up.


To conclude, these are the best free online certifications that you should get under your belt as soon as you can. These areas are not only areas that are in high demand, but also a couple of these are trends that will continue to rise. Right now, you are well ahead of the curve and as the old saying goes, it’s always best to strike while the iron is hot!

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