Top 10 Best Paying Careers With An Online Bachelors Degree

According to the article at: in order to look at the best paying careers, you need to understand that STEM jobs will always be the highest paying. STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.These, four areas are the foundation for the high paying jobs, so it will do you great service to make sure you are proficient in at least two of these areas. When it comes to obtaining an online bachelors degree to pursue a career in these fields, it is an option and all it takes is to be connected with a college that will be a great fit. Once you have your online bachelors degree, then you’re ready to start looking for work and here are the top 10 best-paying careers in these areas.

Petroleum Engineering

With a starting salary of six figures, anything dealing with the oil field is sure to be a high paying job. The job of Petroleum Engineers is simply to locate natural reservoirs of petroleum deposits and come up with creative ways on how to properly extract it.

Nuclear Engineering

Most Nuclear Engineers are working full-time and depending on the company they’re working for, they are either in an office space or they can even work from home if the environment fits and they are able to be productive. Their main objective is to find medicinal and industrial uses for radioactive materials.

Aerospace Engineering

Without a doubt, Aerospace Engineering can be a blast if you are someone who is into NASA, spaceships and things along those lines – no pun intended. This career can be very tedious, because their main goal is to effectively design all the components and systems within aircrafts and a specialized set of knowledge is required to effectively pull it off.

Computer Engineering

Because there will always be a high demand for the internet, the positions in this particular field will continue to be lucrative. According to this article at: Computer Engineers are to design and develop computer systems and many other technological devices. As we continue to progress in technology, things may get a little more complex. Thus, an increase in salary is another thing to be expected.


Physics – the study of the universal laws that govern time, energy, space and matter. There isn’t anything on the planet that doesn’t involve some form of Physics. Most people don’t understand or fully grasp how things in this world works, but those who are proficient in Physics ( Physicists ) take on the role to help humanity clear up the confusion.

Chemical Engineering

According to the website at: Chemical Engineers have a median salary of $102,160 per year which is a great paying salary to start off with. As for prerequisites, the only thing needed is a Bachelor’s degree and as far as work, it involves the science of using chemicals to solve the problems that we face today from the food that we eat to the fuel that we put into our cars.

Electrical Engineering

The study of the application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism is the basis of what Electrical Engineering is and it has a wide range of subfields such as computers, robotics, radio-frequency, and many more. Earlier, we mentioned Computer Engineering and although that is a slightly different line of work, these two are very comparable.

Computer Science Engineering

Computer Science Engineering is one of the most popular among those individuals who are aspiring to become an engineer of some sort and earning your online bachelors degree in this field is very doable. The normal work done by a CSE is focused on the basic elements of computer programming and networking and at times they can be steered toward computational system designing.

Materials and Science Engineering

Are you looking to be at the forefront of technology and all of the new, innovative changes that it’s making? If so, then you will absolutely love to be a Materials and Science Engineer. In a nutshell, the job of this position is to simply discover new materials and find a unique and creative way of integrating it into something useful to society. Although the tasks in this field can be somewhat daunting at times, the salary makes it very rewarding.


A Statistician is simply someone who’s an expert at working with applied and theoretical statistics in both the private and public sectors of companies around the world. Statisticians can also work as Statistical Consultants either for a specific company, or they can be independent render their services to clients in their own business.

Online Bachelors Degree Conclusion

In conclusion, these are the top 10 best paying careers that you can pursue that require both an ordinary or an online bachelor’s degree. We recommend you to always keep the STEM acronym in your back pocket. It’s a good rule of thumb to go by and once you know these four areas, then that will tell you whether or not something has a high earning potential.

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