The Best Skills To Learn Online

If your plan is to make a side income, or potentially a job-replacing income online, then you will need to give some attention to the necessary skills to learn in order to pull this off. Although there are many, different online skills that you can master, we believe that there are a select few that you should focus on.

A good rule of thumb is to find a skill or skills that are in high demand and you feel that you will enjoy or even love the process of doing them. With that, here are a few high demand and lucrative skills to learn online.

Microsoft Excel Formulas for Data Analysis

Microsoft Excel is very prevalent and it is used by most, if not, all companies to help analyze and manage their data. Normally, there aren’t classes on this offered on Microsoft Excel until high school, so this will put many at a disadvantage, but just as with anything, a little time and repetition will help you get acquainted with it pretty fast.

As far as performing certain commands with Microsoft Excel, there is the manual way to do things and there are certain formulas that you can program to really make things easier when working with data. Mind you, you will need to be proficient in math in order to really find your way around. According to the article at they recommend the Lynda excel course to really make sure you get a grip on things.

Website HTML and Coding

Without a shadow of a doubt, this is probably one of the most difficult skills to learn online, but it is also one of the most lucrative. Reason being is because it requires you to be very meticulous and pay extremely close attention to detail and very few people are capable of this. To add to that, there will always be a need for websites and many business owners and companies will want them built in a certain way that calls for this type of work.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short is one of the most sought after skills for any online business owners. This skill is also very lucrative because it is a way for any online marketers to drive traffic and make sales without spending any money upfront. Furthermore, it will generate passive revenue for any business because it is the type of work that you do once and get paid continuously after.

Just as a heads up, this will require you to be up to date with all of the updates that Google is making. Needless to say, anyone who is heavy into SEO, they will need to adapt to all of the new changes being made, or their skills in this area will fall to the wayside and won’t be as efficient.

Language Translation

Language translation is also a big one because of the simple fact that the anyone around the globe can access the internet. This is a must for anyone looking to take their business international. One of the most common problems that throws a wrench into the business plans of expanding companies is the language barrier.

That being said, they greatly value and will pay a pretty penny to anyone who is fluent in more than one language. Normally, these translation positions are for call centers or businesses and companies that have support teams, but it can also be for one on one interaction if you were to be a virtual assistant for someone. At this article they took a survey and as far as skills to learn, learning a new language was one of the most popular things people wanted to add to their skillset. They also give you a clever technique to learn a language in 6 months or less which is really cool.

Skills To Learn Conclusion

In summary, these are just a few skills to learn online and get your feet wet. They may be tedious and require a bit of work, but that contributes to the reason as to why they are very lucrative and business owners will gladly pay to have these things done for them.

Every day, more people are venturing out into the online world to make a living and as each day goes by, not only will the demand increase, but so will the competition. So, find a skill or two that you really enjoy doing, master it, and then give your gift to the world. How well you do something plays a big role in how much people will pay you for it.

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