Getting Into Information Technology? Then You Need These FREE IT Certifications

There’s no question that if someone is looking to pursue a career in IT, then they will need a budget set aside so that they can afford the certification fees. If an individual is ambitious enough and they really want a great job with a high-paying salary in field of IT, then they will do whatever they can to get the money to get certified. However, depending on which field you want to specialize in can determine whether or not these fees will add up to break the bank. Luckily there is a way around this and with that, here is a list of completely free IT certifications that you may want put on your bucket list.

Cyberwar, Surveillance and Security

Nowadays, online cyber attacks, scamming and hacking is much more prevalent than it has ever been, so you can bet that the demand individuals who are proficient Cyberwar, Surveillance and Security will continue to boost tremendously. According to this article at the reason why many systems around the world have become much more prone to cyber attacks is because of our advancement in technology.

To add to that, scammers and hackers are consistently working to perfect their craft, so companies really need people who are well educated in these areas and there’s no question that they will pay a great salary to those who can keep their data safe with the proper protection and security techniques needed to outsmart the bad guys.

Digital Marketing Certification with Google

There isn’t a business up and running today that doesn’t need the internet to dramatically scale their revenues to heights never seen before. It’s really awesome that Google is offering this free certification because digital marketing is something that you will want to have experience in and yes it does qualify as an IT certification. What you learn here can be used to build the business of a company you work for, or you can use your skills to build your own side business if that’s something you’re into.

Tuition-Free Online Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

Right off the bat, this may sound like some sort of “college hack” or a way to obtain a Bachelor’s degree without going tens of thousands of dollars into debt. Truth is, this is a free, online Bachelor’s degree that you can get with the University of People. This university is accredited by the DEAC or the Distance Education Accrediting Commission, so this means that your degree will be effective and recognized in all countries. By default, this makes them a legitimate source from which you can get a Bachelor’s degree. Once again, they are only offering tuition-free degrees for Computer Science majors.

Microsoft Azure Virtual

Among all of the free IT certifications offered, Microsoft Azure Virtual is easily within the top 5 in regards to the most popular ones. According to the article at: Microsoft Azure Virtual has gained a ton of popularity recently. Specifically in the area of cloud computing.

One great benefit of this course is that they drip-feed the training to you over a course of seven weeks. This is crucial when it comes to you actually learning the material and missing out on some key points due to information overload. There’s a wide variety of different programs for IT but if you’re into cloud technology more than anything, this would be a great fit.


IT-Ready isn’t a free IT certification, but it is to serve more of a resource that can help you get free training and open up a lot of doors for you if you are serious about a professional IT career. Primarily, they are out to help low-income high school graduates who are at least 18 years of age and are U.S. citizens.

Although they can help you get your IT career off to a great start, there is a catch. This exam is an in-person exam and training program and they are located in major cities such as Atlanta, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Columbus, Dallas, and a few other major cities across the U.S. Feel free to check out their website over at to see if they are serving your location.


By now, you should have perished the belief that IT certifications will always break the bank, because we’ve just given you a list of free IT certifications that will serve you well in your future IT career. Even though these certifications are completely free, it still doesn’t hurt to have a small budget set aside for any miscellaneous costs or maybe you want to save up for a big certification that isn’t mentioned here. In the meantime, pick these up, cross them off your bucket list and use the resource we’ve provided you to look out for future certifications that may peak your interest. Good luck!

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