Top 10 Best Paying Careers With An Online Associates Degree

If you’re looking to spend your time to obtain an online associates degree, then you may want to make sure that you pursue a career that is well worth your time invested. Furthermore, you will want to make sure that the salary pays high enough and that you will be satisfied with it.

There are many careers you can go after with just your regular associates degree. Online associates degrees are a bit more limited in the choices but you’d be surprised the type of jobs and salaries that you can land yourself with this kind and with that, here are 10 of the best paying careers when it comes to online associates degrees.

Accounting – Median Salary $70,000

In today’s society there is much more of a need for accountants than there has ever been. Revenues, taxes, liabilities, assets, expenses….every business and company will need someone to manage these things for them and keep accurate records. This pays a high salary first for the demand of this position and secondly because the work can be very tedious and require someone who is very proficient in math and who is very detail-oriented.

Petroleum Engineering

At the root of all commerce and transporting services around the globe are resources. Specifically, we are talking about oil which is one of the top, if not, the top commodity on the planet. Petroleum Engineers are in charge of thinking of different ways to effectively access and extract oil from beneath the earth’s surface. As a median salary, they can make at least $150K+ per year. Many people are surprised at the fact that you can have a career in this field with just an online associates degree, because of the earning potential that it offers.

Budget Analyst

This type of work is very similar to Accounting, but is a much smaller field so its competitive and it does pay a pretty penny. As opposed to Accounting work, Budget Analysts focus specifically on the budgeting of the companies to make sure that their finances are operating at optimum levels. This means that they must pay close attention to both the revenues and expenses to ensure the forward progress of the company.

Human Resources Management

According to the article at: Human Resources management is an indespensible part of any company, corporation, government agency or non profit organization and this is because of how employment works. Everyday, new workers are being hired in to new positions, and current employees have plans set up to retire, move to a new job or they simply get fired. Without a team of Human Resources specialists, this process would not be able to run as smoothly as it is today.

Paralegal or Legal Assistant

Normally, these types of careers serve the purpose of assisting qualified attorneys in their legal work. This work can include things such as drafting documents, legal research and filling.

Emergency Management Direction

Quite often, there is some sort of catastrophe that occurs where an emergency management team is contacted to respond to help the victims in need. Mainly, Emergency Management teams oversee the planning and directives for responding to any catastrophes and they mostly work for the government. However, it is not uncommon to secure positions for private enterprises as well.

Nuclear Technician

According to this article at: Nuclear Technicians focus on assisting with nuclear research, production tests, and they are in charge of managing the research equipment. Statistics show that these careers can pay $40+ as a median salary, so you can expect a top Nuclear Technician salary will be just at, if not, well over $100K per year.

Computer Information and Systems Management

A career in Computer Information and Systems management is definitely something that will appeal to you if you are computer savvy and pretty good with organizing data. Statistics show that there will be a 15% growth rate from 2018 to 2024 in this line of work so it should be very likely that anyone pursuing a career in this field will land a position.

Dietitian or Nutritionist

This is a big one, because at the end of the day we all have a little weight that we can lose, or want to improve our physique in some way. Dietitians and Nutritionists will appeal to big companies such as WeightWatchers and other similar companies for a potential sponsorship, and they can also appeal to your friends and family if you’re looking to write meal plans and get into business for yourself.


With technology continuing to advance more than ever, we’ll eventually get to a point to where we can do anything online. As far as finances are concerned, we already invest, buy, sell, save, lend, and borrow online. Needless to say, we will need some form of cybersecurity before we can do any of these tasks. Many companies only or mostly operate online ( Amazon as an example ) so they need top level security for the numbers that they are doing on a daily basis. Rest assured there will always be a demand for this line of work and the salaries will pay very high.

Online Associates Degree Conclusion

We barely scratched the surface, but these are 10 of the best paying careers that you can pursue with just online associates degree. The key is to find a career that you genuinely like and don’t mind the time that it will take to pursue it. Once you are getting paid a great salary, and you enjoy the work, you will be very happy with your decision.

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