Want To Learn Chinese? Find Out How To Learn Chinese Online

Looking for ways on how to learn Chinese online? There are always resources that you can count on to help you achieve this goal. Did you know that according to The Washington Post, there are more than 1 billion Chinese speakers worldwide? Out of over 7 billion people on the planet today, the Chinese language predominates 10-20% of that. Needless to say, this is definitely in the top 5 languages if you look at those that are the most widespread, so this would be a great language to learn if you have the time. Many think they have to spend thousands on a personal, Chinese tutor – while that is one approach that you can take, here are a few more methods on how to learn Chinese that may factor out to be the cheaper route for you.

DuoLingo App

We’re not really sure how your budget is looking, but if you’d like a completely free method on how to learn chinese and would like to do so at your own pace, then the DuoLingo app will fit the bill perfectly. On both Android or Iphone, you can download this app and it gives you daily lessons and quizzes to complete to ensure that you adopt the new language you’re looking to learn.

One really cool feature is that it if you happen to miss a day, the app will remind you to pick up where you left off and this is its way of keeping you on track to meet your goal. First, they start with the basics which are the letters, numbers and simple words, and from there they move on to more complex words and full sentences. Keep in mind that although this is a free app, they do have occasional ads, but if you were to upgrade your account to a monthly subscription, you can easily get rid of them.

My Mandarin House

The My Mandarin House Chinese course, which you can check out at: https://mymandarinhouse.com/ they are proud of the three attributes that they can offer their potential students who are looking to learn Chinese:

  • Learning outcome oriented
  • Professional Certified teachers
  • 1-on-1 live Chinese courses

Their goal is to make sure all of their students get the ultimate language learning experience and at their own pace. Just a heads up, they do charge $29.99 per session and to complete the training is about 40 courses so this will run you a little over a thousand bucks. However, for anyone who wants to test drive their services before putting up any money, they do offer a free trial session and you can be the judge on whether or not you’d like to continue.


If you really want to put the pedal to the medal and learn Chinese as quickly as possible, then Pimsleur may be the course that you should consider. If you’ve planned a vacation or are pressed for time, then this may be your best bet. Pimsleur is used by millions of people and stand by the fact they can teach anyone to speak Chinese with a near native accent in only a span of 30 days. Many people may wonder exactly how is it possible to speak such a complex language in such a short period of time, but Dr. Paul Pimsleur has the answer.

Dr. Pimsleur, Linguistics professor and researcher at both UCLA and Ohio State University, has been studying the learning of languages for over 50 years and he has discovered an extremely effective way to rapidly acquire a new language in certain ways so that it can easily stick in your mind. Head over to check out Pimsleur to see all that offer at: https://offers.pimsleur.com/learn-mandarin-sem003/speak-a-new-language-185D5-18862KE.html or you can speak to someone over the phone via their toll free number.


You now know of a few ways on how to learn Chinese effectively. Just as with anything, as long as you are willing to put in the effort and set aside some time to learn, you can make it happen. We’ve given you two paid ways that will allow you to take professional courses that won’t break the bank too much, or you can use the free app to have more control and go at your own pace. We recommend that you experiment with both. Take a free trail before you pay, and get a feel for any free resources and find out which one works best for you.

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