How To Learn Spanish Quickly

So, you’ve just found out that one of your best friends has just invited you on a trip to Mexico, but the problem is that you don’t know an ounce of Spanish and you’re pondering on how the heck you’ll make your way around once you get there. Maybe this is your case, or you’re just looking to get another language under your belt for career purposes or just to expand your vocabulary. When it comes to learning new things, you know what will work best for you and because of that fact, we recommend you try many approaches. But here are a few ways that may help you on your journey on how to learn Spanish quickly.

Spanish In A Hurry Book

Yes – there is a book titled Spanish In A Hurry and this handy-dandy book serves exactly that purpose. The gist of this book is to give you the letters, numbers and all of the basics first. Towards later chapters, it does get a little difficult with phrases and sentences, but it gives a summarized version so that it’s not information overload. The main purpose of this book is to give you enough to properly navigate societies in which the spanish language dominates.

Read Spanish As Often As You Can

We just covered the Spanish In A Hurry book, but another great practice that you will want to make a habit is to read Spanish as often as you can. This includes articles, books, novels, etc. Try as best as you can to familiarize yourself with the language simply by reading it to see if you can pick up on context clues. Mind you, it may help to have an understanding of the basics of the Spanish language before you attempt. Once you feel comfortable, try watching a couple of your favorite movies in Spanish to get more of a feel for certain words and the correct pronunciations as well. This article at: gives you 8 Spanish blogs that will help anyone who is in the learning stages of the language.

DuoLingo App

This really, cool app allows you to be in full control on how quickly and how well you learn the Spanish language. Simply go to your Apple store or your Google Play store if you have an Android, and download the app with the little, green bird to your phone. Please do note that because this is a free app, it does have ads to support the technical costs of the app, but if you’re not a fan of the ads, simply subscribe for a few bucks a month and that’ll take care of them.

DuoLingo will give you daily reminders to make sure you stay on track, andit takes you from A to Z on the basics, phrases, sentences and even to learning full paragraphs. To ensure that you grasp all of the concepts, they give you small quizzes once you complete certain sections of learning the language. Definitely a cool, fun and convenient way on how to learn Spanish quickly.

Hire An Online or Offline Tutor

Of course, you can always take the approach on hiring a Spanish tutor to work with you online or offline. Having online lessons gives you a bit more control and allows you to go more of at your own pace than meeting with a tutor in person. On the other hand, some people learn better being in the presence of the tutor. It all boils down to personal preference and what will give you the best learning advantage.

One resource you may want to checkout is Preply and this is their site: . This is a great tool you may want to keep in your back pocket. Preply is somewhat of a database of Spanish tutors and you can even sort down to your location, and the price that you can afford for each session.

How To Learn Spanish Quickly Conclusion

There are many, different ways on how to learn spanish quickly, but you now have a few of them that you can think on for a while. We invite you to try them all and if you know of other methods that you think may work, try that one as well. The purpose of trying more than one method is to simply see which method works for you, and stick with that one. If you’re more of a fan of free methods, then you can stick with those, but just in case you need help, it wouldn’t hurt to set aside a budget of a couple hundred bucks or so if you feel working with a tutor would be your best option.

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